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Incorporated in 2002, our company has come a long way from the initial set-up of 5 employees to the current team of more than 130 employees. Production activities from a single plant operating in a 3-cycle rotation shift had been upgraded with an additional plant and work shifts. Production in both plants which is fully operational for 24 hours per day is closely managed and supervised by a dedicated and highly experienced team. Successful coordination is further strengthened with the advanced technology and collaborations with partners in Taiwan. The company also has 2 units of Spectrolab spectrometers which are calibrated based on the stringent ISO guidelines and requirements to ensure the consistent quality in production.

Intech Integrated today has earned the reputation as a reliable aluminium secondary ingot recycling plant and a supplier of quality ingot. With almost a decade of experience, Intech Integrated has won the trust of major clients in the local and international market which includes Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesian and Hong Kong amongst others.

Equipped with highly advanced production facilities and well trained employees, our clients can be assured that the expectation and requirements of the supply of ingots will be met. Intech Integrated recognizes the importance of quality in both products and services and hence, we strive to improve continuously to excel in both.


To clients and partners: Intech Integrated works towards consistent practice of the Company Philosophy and continuous improvement in the level of our products and services. We believe the effective communication produces effective results therefore we develop an open working relationship with our clients to encourage exchange and communications of ideas, information and technology. Together we explore the possible options with clients and together, we improve and succeed.

To management and staff: To facilitate growth within the company, Intech Integrated commits itself to assist employees in development and improvement of technical and management skills which will be beneficial to the organization and individual in the long run

To environment and society: Intech recognizes its duties and responsibilities towards protecting the environment. This is done through educating and creating awareness to the public. All necessary steps and procedure are well taken care to meet, if not exceed the relevant environmental health and safety standards.


  • To be public listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)
  • To be the largest and most competent Secondary Aluminium Alloy Ingot producer in Malaysia


  • To comply with ISO Standards and maintaining first class standards in Quality Control.
  • Assurance & Engineering with continuous research and development.
  • To provide excellent Customer Service and achieve Customer's Satisfaction.
  • To persistently work on the improvement and advancement of technology.
  • To continuously identify and nurture highly qualified elite corporate leaders.
  • To prioritize on developing competent Human Capital.
  • To be socially responsible by reducing environmental impact and conserving natural.
  • To reduce, reuse, recycle and manage municipal solid waste in an efficient and environmentally-sound manner and to continually commit in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).